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Posted on: Fri, 13/07/2018 by Encompass Safety Solutions | Health & Safety

It doesn’t matter what the type of business you’re in, or what environment, from indoor-only business premises to construction sites, hospitals, educational institutes and more, Health & Safety is of paramount importance.

Understanding risks, being able to competently assess where these risks may occur and knowing how to mitigate them can be a challenge and needs expert guidance to ensure the right result.

The most effective accredited course to cover all the above necessities is the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s (IOSH) Managing Safely course, designed for managers and supervisors in any sector or country, which provides:

  • Knowledge and tools to manage safely
  • Well-planned modules with clear examples and realistic scenarios
  • Checklists and materials for ongoing use after the course
  • Interactive discussions and quizzes
  • Certification upon completion

The course allows those who attend and complete it to:

  • Competently assess and control risks and hazards
  • Be clear on roles and responsibilities
  • Know how to investigate and catalogue incidents for future reference
  • Know how to measure and reflect on performance and best practice frameworks

Having a safe and secure workplace has a number of major benefits including higher productivity, fewer hours lost to sickness and accident recovery, better culture of best practice leading to a more collaborative approach by all staff, international certifications which can positively influence potential partners and clients, and an enhanced reputation for safety across the supply chain.

Encompass Safety Solutions is fully licenced to deliver the IOSH-accredited Managing Safely course and also the refresher course. Take the next step in ensuring your workplace operates with an optimum approach to Health & Safety.

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