Health and Safety training: a multi-purpose motivator

Posted on: Mon, 08/07/2019 by Encompass Safety Solutions | Health & Safety

Health and Safety training is absolutely vital within any business environment, primarily to keep the members of staff, customers and visitors safe while on site, but also because a business that takes its Health and Safety policies, training, implementation and monitoring seriously gives out the right message: we genuinely care.

And sending the right message sets a precedent for staff, one that both invites them to be part of the day-to-day running of the business by giving them responsibilities, and that gives them the confidence in their daily activities to know they can manage those responsibilities.

Here are our top benefits of excellent Health and Safety training for your staff…

1. A happy, motivated staff who feel confident that their business cares for their well-being and confident in themselves that they can manage risks and deal with issue 

2. Reduction in employee stress – particularly in roles where there are higher risks, any measures that protect staff will contribute to a reduction in stressful situations, fewer concerns over poorly maintained equipment, and fewer instances of poor communication

3. A vigilant staff is more likely to take the initiative and identify risks early, thus reducing accidents, and by association the amount of absence due to affected staff

4. Higher retention rate – staff who feel well-protected and invested in their daily workplace management are far less likely to want to leave

5. Gaining and maintaining an excellent precedent for lines of communication and reporting

6. Developing a strong reputation within your industry as a company that protects both its employees and its customers

7. Reduction in insurance premiums – companies with a strong, measureable track record in Health and Safety training are less likely to have accidents, and are therefore a lower risk for an insurer

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Health and Safety training: a multi-purpose motivator
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