Is your smartphone a pain in the neck?

Posted on: Mon, 19/02/2018 by Encompass Safety Solutions | Health & Safety

Where would we be without our smartphones, eh?  In truth, probably sat somewhere like a café or at a friend’s house actually speaking with one another!

 The perils of using smartphones are well documented; radiation, eye-strain, RSI, behavioural changes and, for the anti-Apple movement, some even explode in your pocket!  Regardless of brand, looking down on a smartphone screen has transformed the way we hold our bodies, which, in the worst cases, can be like having a 60lb weight on your neck (the same as an average 8-year old child) according to research.  The image below illustrates the effective weight of the head when looking down at a smartphone.


So, what can we do to avoid 'Smartphone Slump'?  Consider holding your phone at eye level, lie down to check texts/messages (perhaps save this one for home...) or limit the time spent looking down to the bare minimum.  These might look funny but it might save you from looking like Yoda when you're older.....


Is your smartphone a pain in the neck?
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