Quite literally walking the walk!

Posted on: Thu, 02/08/2018 by Encompass Safety Solutions | Environment

As someone who regularly talks the talk in terms of all things environmental, I consider myself “on-board” with and fully support the #passonplastic agenda, amongst others.  This summer, and for as long as the good weather continues, I will quite literally be walking the walk by way of my newest purchase, which is a new pair of flip flops!  Not just any flip flops, however; these flip flops have been made by Adidas but manufactured in collaboration with Parley For The Oceans. 

The idea is simple; Adidas and Parley prevent plastics from entering the oceans and turn the threat of plastic pollution into a thread to manufacture footwear and clothing across the #adidasparley range.  Spinning the problem into a solution!

Parley has its own strategy for solving the plastic plague, named A.I.R – Avoid the use of plastics, so no more single-use plastic bags, microbeads and the like; Intercept plastics before they enter the oceans, and Redesign through driving eco-innovation around materials & products and new ways of using them.  Encompass safety solutions has committed avoid plastics wherever possible across its business activities and where avoidance cannot be achieved, we commit to reuse plastics at every opportunity.  This includes activities such as reusing packaging that we receive from our suppliers, to help package orders that we send out.  We also encourage our customers to make further use of packaging and plastics and, ultimately, dispose of them appropriately when the time is right.

You can make your own pledge by posting it on all social media platforms using the hashtag #ParleyAIR 

Quite literally walking the walk!
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