Covid-19 Supplies

We offer a range of supplies that have now become essential due to the covid-19 pandemic in order to keep yourself and employees safe in the workplace. 

PAL Hand Gel Range 

PAL Hand Gels are alcohol-based products developed for hand disinfection, they are very powerful disinfectants which are highly effective against transient skin micro-organisms such as Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses and Protozoa. 

Dispensing Units & Sanitizing Stations

We also have a wide range of high-quality wall mounted sanitizer dispensing units and free standing stations. These are ideal for offices, staff rooms, shop entrances, factories & warehoused, pubs & restaurants etc.








3 Ply Masks

We also have 3 ply face masks in packs of 50s. Ideal for keeping in your car, handbag, glove box etc. Enquire with our team to order today. Don't get caught out, and potentially fined!

All supplies will be delivered directly to your office, site or factory.