First Aid Certificate Courses

As an employer, it is your responsibility to make sure your workplace is as safe as possible.

Despite this, and even in the safest environments, accidents can and do happen. This is why it is vital to have First Aid-trained employees available at all times. 

Training your staff to be First Aid-ready is beneficial to both your company and to the individual. Our First Aid courses teach invaluable life-saving skills that can be used both at and away from the workplace.

Having your staff First Aid trained by experts means you are protecting your biggest asset – your staff. 

  • Standard 3-day course
  • Emergency 1-day course available
  • Very competitive pricing
  • No experience needed
  • Learn life-saving skills

We're flexible – Encompass Safety Solutions Ltd can be venue-based or accommodated in-house at your business premises.

Make sure your staff are ready in an emergency situation.


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