Health & Safety Consultancy

What are the benefits of hiring a Health & Safety Consultant?

Health & Safety in the workplace is of paramount importance, that’s a given.  Not only will help to protect the well-being of staff but will also help avoid workplace accidents & incidents and protect a business from downtime due to absenteeism and investigations and lost revenues due to loss of business or costly fines and penalties.

To ensure Health & Safety standards are correctly assessed, implemented, measured and maintained; some organisations, large and small, choose to use a Health & Safety Consultant.  The benefits?  Health & Safety Consultants are knowledgeable, experienced and able to assess hazard and risk from all aspects including legal compliance.  A fresh pair of eyes can help to see past commonly missed areas that might be a cause for concern if an enforcement officer were to step on site.

A common phrase in safety circles is “if you think safety is expensive, try having an accident”.  It’s difficult to argue against but it’s often used in the wrong way – think wagging fingers and stern headmasters!  Accidents can be expensive, with fees for intervention, compensation payouts, staff absences replaced with agency cover.  This list goes on.

Hiring an external consultant doesn’t come for free, nor is it a guarantee that accidents won’t happen.  What it does do is free up business owners to concentrate on their key strengths and allow someone else to manage the safety processes on behalf of the organisation.  Regular reporting and measurements ensure that the business owners are not left out of the loop where health & safety are concerned.

Hiring a Health & Safety Consultant should be an entirely bespoke process.  Every business is different and the range of offerings should be equally diverse.  The common goal, however; should be that of achieving legislative compliance and ensuring that every employee sees health & safety as an intrinsic part of their job, not something that needs to be done in addition to their day job.

At encompass safety solutions, we aim to make the process of achieving compliance for your business as straightforward as possible.  No industry jargon, just helpful support and advice.

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