Washroom, cleaning & hygiene essentials.

The supplies you need to ensure a safe and hygienic workplace.

At Encompass Safety Solutions, we understand the need for quality, cost-efficient commercial janitorial safety and hygiene supplies. We supply a large range of cleaning and hygiene products to businesses of all sizes. 

Choosing the right application for a particular need can be a challenge depending on the type of surface, the amount of traffic or footfall, the likely types of dirt or contaminate. There are also considerations such as porousness, slipperiness, sensitivity to certain chemicals, the need for complete sanitisation and more. You may need one or more specific cleaning products to ensure the job can be done correctly, efficiently and safely.

Cleaning food preparation areas and kitchen floors can, for example, present very different challenges to the surfaces in a washroom or a workshop. 

Within your business, you need to provide the complete package of hygiene products to ensure your staff’s working environment facilitates their needs. And remember, a clean and well-sanitised workplace is statistically proven to reduce sick days and aid productivity!

Ensure that you stock your supply cabinets with the full spectrum of cleaning solutions from bathroom cleaners and disinfectants to carpet and upholstery cleaners. 

If you’re running a kitchen, canteen or restaurant, make sure you have the right dishwashing soaps, detergents and rinses for your respective appliances. 

Need to do on-site laundry? Make sure you’ve got the correct laundry detergents and fabric softeners for linens. 

Our cleaning range includes bathroom hygiene products, floor maintenance products, paper tissue products, catering hygiene products, window cleaning products, dispensing systems and more.

It’s also important to understand how often cleaning needs to be done in order to know what volumes of cleaning product always need to be on hand.

With our cleaning products range, we aim to offer you unparalleled quality, value and choice so you can choose the cleaning products that fit your specific requirements. We offer highly competitive bulk buying rates to help your business get what it needs at a price that suits you. 

A full range of products is available from Encompass Safety Solutions. If you are looking for a product not displayed here please contact us with your specific requirements.


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